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Restoring the minds of abused orphans & children.



Restoring the minds of abused children & orphans.
Restore the spirit of love within the minds and hearts of children that have been abused and/or orphaned. Our aim is to provide them with an awareness to love that is defined by an inner-experience of love. We assist them through our Living Breath Process to dissolve all thoughts, feelings, and emotions that define the tragedy of abuse, distrust, harm, abandonment, trauma and neglect.


“I am very confident that Genie O’Malley’s services would be of enormous help to juveniles in your community who have issues that have brought them to the attention of your juvenile justice system. I have no doubt that her healing gift would enable some of these troubled young people to have self-esteem for the first time and possibly also mentor others, including members of their own families. Apart from the personal support that would give them at home, the stress-relief and feeling they are precious and valued is also essential for them to overcome their past and start anew as productive young adults in your community.”

Priscilla Lundin

Attorney, NY

Living Breath Project

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