Community Initiative 04.


Serving the self-esteem of tweens and teens.



Serving the self-esteem of tweens and teens

Provide tweens and teens with the ability to make choices that honor insight, wisdom, potential, and self-love by introducing them to the power of thought and how a clear mind can assist them to live in harmony by encouraging them to perceive life through an inner-vision for their future while giving them the tools to host relationships that are not defined through negative self-defeating thoughts that encourage violence, abuse, and betrayal.


“Genie’s history at Perspectives is legendary. No person has ever worked with our clients (women who suffer from co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders) with such compassion and success as Genie. After observing her innovative approach, as well as her work in changing the thought process of clients, she had complete access to our clients. She has a presence that immediately builds trust and with that she is able to implement her how recovery model that has been amazing successful.”

Jeenie Seely-Smith

President/CEO , Perspectives, Inc.

Living Breath Project

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