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Our Community Care Model can be mixed and matched to meet the unique Emotional Wellness needs of each community.

121 Feelz™ & Codez™

121 Digital Emotional Wellness Programs available to spark a Turning Point.

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44 Readz available to spark a Turning Point.

22 Community Initiatives

22 Community Initiatives to spark a Turning Point.

Living Breath Project

The Living Breath Project – provides an integrated, proprietary process called the Living Breath Process® which aims to provide an emotional wellness home therapy and medical support network as a means to improve an individual’s quality of life. When individuals achieve emotional wellness no matter what age, then social service structures, health care facilities, education models, and overall economic platforms improve and restructure to achieve overall urban harmony within their communities. (almost like the community’s mind, body, and spirit come into harmony.)

Santa Cruz Incubator:


In 2010, the Community Care Model met the Emotional Wellness needs of the Santa Cruz community in California during the height a Methamphetamine Epidemic.

Our Opiate, Heroin, and Methamphetamine Incubator called Clear Mind Healthy Planet provided programs, education, and community initiatives to Santa Cruz, CA.

  • of the 40 participants that chose emotional wellness, 38 have sustained their healing Heroin, Opiates, and Methamphetamines for the past seven years.
  • $15,889,304 in daily treatment savings since 2010
  • Over $5,000,000+ in societal cost savings since 2010
  • $199,800 total estimated AB109 program cost reductions since 2010
Santa Cruz Incubator:

What We Achieved:

Healed Individuals

Healed 38 individuals from
Addiction and successfully removed
them from the Justice System.

The formula behind our entire suite of products and wrap-around community services is built within our powerful Feelz™ Digital Emotional Wellness programs.

These digital programs, containing a practice that invites a user to dedicate 10 minutes a day to their own Emotional Wellness, provide the ultimate turning point for individuals as they begin their journey to self-healing through a reawakened connection to self-love while minimizing their capacity to enable

With our 121 Feelz™ & Codez™ Digital Emotional Wellness programs that have statistically proven to increase a person’s perceived potential in life through a raised
capacity to allow self-love, there is truly a
program for every individual nondiscriminatory of race, gender, age, economic status, or their current perceived state of mental and emotional health.

In Santa Cruz, 38 individuals used the Feelz™ to successfuly heal from Heroin, Opiate, and Methamphetamine Addiction.

Trained Facilitators

The beauty of experiencing a Turning Point can be felt tenfold when you can inspire and support other individuals through the same experience.

Our mission as a company is twofold;
we provide progams to heal individuals while
simultaneiously training facilitators to assist in the process through direct group support.

Our Feelz™ Facilitator Training programs allow our most active users and participants to give back to their communities in unique ways. This creates a solid foundation for long-term
community rebuilding from the ground up.

Rebuilt a Community

The LBP Community Care Model ran in
Santa Cruz, CA for a total of eighteen months, allowing bigger community projects to unfold.

Today, we offer other communities the same Community Initiatives that allowed Santa Cruz community members to heal. Our journey with them celebrated healing, potential, and progress as they moved on from cycles of addiction and recidivism.

Through our Community Wellness Initiatives
in Santa Cruz, we were able to develop a unique, powerful and cost effective way to structure community rebuilding through a small selected group of individuals. Data collected during this time helped prove not only the programs’ effectiveness, but the long-lasting benefits of self-healing for individuals and communities alike.

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Community Initiatives

We offer 22 Community Initiatives that provide solutions, education and support to effectively rebuild communities.
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Our current suite of 44 Readz™ cover various topics to emphasize the role of Emotional Wellness in daily life.

Wellness Research

Data collection for private or federally funded programs will give insight to the Emotional Wellness needs of today.

Feelz™ & Codez™

We provide 121 Feelz™ & Codez™ via Digital Emotional Wellness programs that effectively assist with 46 life conditions.
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