Living Breath Project Community Care Model:

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Meeting the needs of Emotional Wellness in the 21st Century.


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Implement the Living Breath Project: Community Care Model Using the Following Products & Services.

Our Community Care Model can be mixed and matched to meet the unique Emotional Wellness needs of each community.
Feelz™ & Codez™

We provide 121 Feelz™ & Codez™ Digital Emotional Welness programs that effectively assist with 46 life conditions.
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Education Seriez™

Our current suite of 44 Readz™ cover various topics to emphasize the role of Emotional Wellness in daily life.
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22 Community Initiatives
We offer 22 Community Initiatives that provide solution, education and support to effectively rebuild communities.
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Ready to Stand Out From the Crowd?

Living Breath Project

Featured Community Initiatives 

We offer 22 Community Initiatives that provide solution, education and support to effectively rebuild communities.

Enterprise Restructuring

conscious corporate, employer training & community integration

Prison Programs

Incarceration Support, Agency training & love for life

Community Integration

Conscious Parenting, A New Season of Insight & Living Today

addiction assist programs

mefree codez, perceiving addiction & community group

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What People Are Saying Our Community Initiatives:

“The Living Breath Process has become part of my life. I have discovered a new sense of confidence and inner peace. The rewards of connecting to the healing power of the breath and positive affirmations are profound and life changing. When life is pulling us in twenty different directions, we sometimes find ourselves wearing our show face, which can be exhausting. I have, at last, got out of my own way to witness and live my full potential.” VIVIENNE MACKINDER

Founder and CEO, HairDesignerTV

“I am very confident that Genie O’Malley’s
services would be of enormous help to
juveniles in your community who have issues
that have brought them to the attention
of your Juvenile Justice System.” PRICILLA LUNDIN

Attorney, NY

“I must say that the Living Breath Process is not only for those who suffer from Addiciton; it is for all humans that experience the modern world.” DINA SCOPPETTONE

Art History Professor, Cabrillo College

“The most amazing part of the program is that
people can see results in a very short period of time. People don’t have to ‘hang on’ for months at a time in the hope they can stay clean.” Lars Shallberg

Attorney, CA

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